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Famous People who like Jigsaw Puzzles

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Famous People who like Jigsaw Puzzles

As a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, I often wondered which famous people share my passion for puzzles. Recently I decided to do a little research on the subject and was able to compile the following list of celebrities:

Bill Gates - More of a wood puzzle guy but has been known to partake in regular jigsaw puzzles as well. 

Queen Elizabeth - Not only are there many Queen Elizabeth puzzles made in her likeness, but she is also known to be quite the fan of doing jigsaw puzzles in her spare time.

Emmanuel Lewis (TVs Webster) - Not sure of if he still has the same love for puzzles but according to a piece by Ebony JR magazine a number of years ago, he enjoyed them very much as a kid.

Warren Buffet - More of a wood Puzzle guy but a puzzle enthusiast nonetheless.

Cathy Shim (Reno 911 & Mad TV) - A lifelong puzzle fan whose biggest puzzle to date was a 5000 piece puzzle featuring the artwork from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which she framed and presented as a gift to her in-laws.

Olivia Munn - An up an coming actress who has admitted she prefers staying in to going out and working on a nice jigsaw puzzle (src: NY Times).

Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) - In a piece in the Daily Mail, he admitted that one of his favorite ways to pass time on tour is with a good jigsaw puzzle.

Hugh Jackman - While away from his family in England shooting Les Miserables, he took up working on Jigsaw Puzzles to wind down after a day of shooting.

Portia de Rossi - According to her spouse Ellen DeGeneres, Portia enjoys doing Jigsaw Puzzles from time to time (src: People).

Carly Chaikin (Suburgatory & Mr Robot) - This young actress admitted in a recent article that she used puzzles as a form of relaxation and meditation. She even goes as far as gluing and framing some of her favorite ones.

Agatha Christie - The famed author was know to have been a fan of jigsaw puzzles.

Patrick Stewart - The Star Trek actor listed jigsaw puzzles as one of his favorite hobbies in a Vanity Fair article.

Brie Larson (Room, 21 Jump St) - told a reporter from E online that she liked doing jigsaw puzzles to help her relax. 

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