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Fun NFL Games - Great Gift Ideas for Fans Young & Old

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Fun NFL Games - Great Gift Ideas for Fans Young & Old


MasterPieces Puzzle Company recently introduced a brand new line of NFL themed games in the US and Canadian markets.   All are officially licensed and include images of the team,  its players and logos.   So if you are looking for a great gift idea for your kids or maybe even the adult NFL fan,  have a look at some of these great games available for purchase.

NFL Matching Card Game

Age:   Great for Kids 3 to 9

Suggested Retail Price:   $11.99

This is very hot seller right now for Masterpieces and makes the perfect gift for the young NFL fan in your family!  The game includes 32 different cards with each card containing a different NFL team’s logo (64 matching cards in total).   Masterpieces also have a MLB matching game and an NHL matching game available.

NFL Dominoes

Age:   Great for Kids 6+ & Adults

Suggested Retail Price:   $19.99

They call it Double Six Dominoes and these sets include 28 white themed dominoes and are packed in a beautiful collectible Tin for easy storage. They don’t yet offer all the teams but are planning to add more in the near future.   Be sure to check out the MLB domino games and NHL domino games as well. Right now they have the following NFL teams available:

NFL Checker Sets

Age:   Great for Kids 6+ & Adult Checker Fans

Suggested Retail Price:   $19.99

These are the best gift ideas for the NFL fan in your household.   The checkers board looks like an NFL field complete with hash markers and end zones, with each team’s logo appearing on the center of the field. The Checkers have team logo stickers on them as well.   Each set includes 24 checker pieces, 8 helmet king pieces, a 13” x 21.375 game board and instructions.   If NFL is not the sport you want, Masterpieces also offers MLB checker sets,  NCAA checker sets and NHL checker sets.   The NFL teams currently offered for this product are:

NFL Shake & Score Dice Game

Age:   Great for Kids 6+ & Adults of Any Age!

Suggested Retail Price:   $19.99

A NFL branded take on a popular dice game, Yahtzee. Game comes with a Football shaped dice shaker,  5 numbered dice, scoring pad & instructions.  The player who gets the most points at the end of the round wins.   Great family fun!   There are currently 7 teams available with more popular teams coming soon:

  • Chicago Bears Dice Game
  • Denver Broncos Dice Game
  • Dallas Cowboys Dice Game
  • Green Bay Packers Dice Game
  • New England Patriots Dice Game
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Dice Game
  • Seattle Seahawks Dice Game

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